The Fundamental Behind Spanish Names

Spanish is spoken in twenty different countries and it is said to be a romance language which is originally from the northern area of Spain. Spanish language is spoken in the entire Spain, latin American countries, few parts of Africa and few parts of Asia pacific. Spanish is also known as español in Spain.

Spanish and Portuguese has a literature similarity in terms of grammar and vocabulary. Phonological and Morphological Spanish and Italian also share a lot of similarity. All together this language is spoken in almost twenty five countries. Names in Spanish are traditional, modern as well as unique. The babies who are named in Spanish language are mostly inspired by the bible, the catholic saints and by nature.

Spanish baby names are mostly influenced by their parents’ cultures; backgrounds and heritage are very common. Another factor that affects naming a baby is multi-cultural heritage. Spanish names are mostly used as the first or Christian names in different Christian countries. Spanish girl names or Spanish boy names are also defined by combining two or three different names.

The Spanish baby names are originated from nature, historical origin, derived from place names, flower names etc. The very important fact about Spanish names for girls is that they carry their surnames as the surnames of their brothers which are followed by the last names of their husbands. Spanish speaking people living in different countries might face difficulties while naming as, not every country has this rule to use two family surnames.

The practice of using the surnames for naming a person has now become the tradition in Spain due to the Arabic influence and the same custom was spread in America during the conquest years. To choose traditional Spanish baby girl names or Spanish baby boy names one should use catholic saint names. For instance take a popular Spanish name Cristóbal Colón who is Christopher Columbus in English where in Columbus was born in Geneo, Italy as Cristoforo Colombo. If we talk about different European languages it is mentioned as Kristoffer Kolumbus in Swedish, Christophe Colomb in French, Christoffel Columbus in Dutch and Christoph Kolumbus in German.

To make it easier for you to choose Spanish names one should follow few key points such as first, names should not be too long keeping in mind the surnames to be added with the names. Second, to keep up the tradition of applying two first names, randomly choose one name and try to choose the other name, the ancestral name.

Third, choice of famous or popular Spanish names which can be influenced by any place name or nature or any flowers name. Fifth, directly check the baby names site where you can find all such variety defined for you. Our website is one of those, designed keeping in mind all these needs of the visitor.