New Backyard Landscaping Ideas – Create a Spanish Style Vertical Garden

Dare to be different with some fresh backyard landscaping ideas. You have laid the stone for the patio, you have thought about the lawn and flowerbeds, you have decided where to put the hot tub (if you are lucky enough to have a hot tub). These are ground level backyard landscaping ideas. How about some backyard landscaping ideas that rise above the ground and reach for the sky? Dare to be different and create a wonderful Mediterranean hanging garden and make the most of your vertical space.

A vertical garden will really make your backyard landscaping ideas come to life. Now you can look at a blank wall as if you are an artist about to create a work of art. The blank wall is your blank canvas you will transform into a beautiful living picture of pots and flowering plants that can change into a riot of colour all year round.

Spanish style flower pot holders are available that are specially designed to carry plastic or terracotta pots or even wicker work conical baskets. They are a brilliant for backyard garden ideas because they are strong being made of mild steel and last for years. Not only that, these pot holders are available in different sizes so you can use your existing pots to create a wonderful pattern. These flowerpot holders will add a new dimension to your backyard landscaping ideas. Just add geraniums or trailing fuchsias or any summer bedding plant suitable for use in hanging baskets or window boxes or flowerpots. In the winter you can introduce pansies, ornamental cabbages, ferns and evergreens to brighten up the garden and keep your backyard landscaping ideas looking great.

For a moment imagine you are enjoying a alfresco meal and a glass of soft fruity glass of wine surrounded by flowers creating that feeling of an extra outside room to the house, knowing that this was one of the best backyard landscaping ideas because the transformation was so easy to do and looking so lovely. Cheers!